Would i be a groupie or not?

sooooooo yeah .. i know. im way behind. that’s established. haha

so 6th day challenge  – a band or musician who is most important to me.

i’d have a lot of choices of bands that i fancy. There’s Greenday, The Beatles, Nirvana, Nickelback, Orange and Lemons, Sandwich, and many more. I also have solo artists that i love soooooo much. There’s Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, James Morrison, Alanis Morisette, Lenka, Lotte Mulan, Jose Gonzales, and Ingrid Michaelson.

But i’d definitely pick Jason Mraz. 🙂 I really love how he uses these words and make something so senseless but which actually makes sense and wiggles its way to become very endearing to my heart. Which brings us to the question in the title. The answer would be NO. 🙂 Because even though I love Jason to bits and I adore him, and that he has a part of my heart, I’m not just that kind of gal. I think i’m just too lazy to really follow someone around. 🙂






so, because im kinda on a roll here.. here’s my 5th day challenge 🙂

FIVE Places I want to visit 🙂 hello vacay!

  1. Osaka, Japan

since i was little (not really, more like on highschool) i really wanted to go there. flashback – i was watching nothing particular on tv , so i was always changing channels when i stumbled upon a tourism advert on Japan. it showcases all it’s cities and one of it is Osaka. watching, i was entranced. i fell in love. 🙂

2. Pilgrim Tour in Europe

yes, because… one, im Catholic. two, to be able to trace Jesus’ journey IRL would be EPIC!

3. Greece

because you know… haha this may sound shallow but from the Yaya Sisterhood’s Travelling Pants Movie, i was introduced to Greece’s beauty. 🙂

4. Paris, France

because im a goofy love-drunk hopeless romantic 🙂 haha

5. New York City

because it’s the city that never sleeps 🙂


oh how i’d love to reach these places 🙂




the things you remember…

i know i know.. im so behind with my 30-day challenge but i will try to keep up 🙂 hahaha

4th day – 🙂 the meaning behind my Tumblr name

i used this handle for quite a long time now. dimpleddreamer

it’s a no-brainer because one, i have dimples, two, i dream a lot.

sooooo.. this pretty much is bring .. but just to put it out there 🙂





So 3rd day! My day, in great detail 🙂 

Woke up at 6:20 am, i made my bed, fed my nieces and nephew, bathe them and hailed a cab to go to church. 

At church, i sat at my table and bought the kids siomai. Haha they love it. Then i tried feeding them again because “aunt duties” haha then we played sims4 for a bit and went to mass. After, my mom, me, the kids, and a friend got lunch at Mcdonalds. Then, I dropped my nephew and niece at their house then we went to the mall to buy textiles for uniforms. Went to another mall for said textile because we couldn’t find one we like. Got pizza for  snacks then got back to church to get my laptop and finish a few sewing job. Well, one actually because i decided to go home. Pretty exhausted. Bought some fruits on my way home. Prepared dinner, washed the plates, took a bath in half 😜 then prepared the bed. I did my prayer journal and watched Chicago Med. Now im watching Grey’s. And i think that’s about it. This was a long dayyyy. And this challenge is tiring haha. Im kinda bored now. So yeah. 


Crunch time!

Im on the 2 nd day of this challenge. And im typing like crazy on my phone because the mass is about to start. 🙂 2nd challenge : 10 likes and dislikes





Cold weathers






God. Well i love Him 🙂


Hot weathers

Bad people



Evil people.
Haha i cheated. But i cant think of anything else. 🙂 bye 🙂