FREE 2017 Monthly Planner Printables

I have a deep love for planners. 🙂 And i like them customized BUT buying customized ones would break  a bank – my bank for that matter lol! I’ve been customizing my own planners for years now. I also gift it to some friends and it’s very handmade and made with love 🙂 If you know what i mean. And just because I can’t find time to make each one of those who are asking me to make them, I came up with the idea of lay outing a simple planner through Word Document for everyone to print 🙂 So, without further ado, here’s what you need to do. AND PLEASE follow the instructions 🙂

SO before downloading the Planner itself, it is very crucial for you to download and install the following fonts below to make the planner work 🙂 don’t worry, all these fonts are free. JUst click the link and DOWNLOAD 🙂


  1. Calendar Note Tfb 
  2. PW Perspective
  3. Amethyst
  4. Love- you
  5. Lazy Sunday Regular
  6. KG a little swag
  7. Cheri
  8. Cute Cartoon
  9. DK Lemon Yellow Sun
  10. Canela Bark
  11. The Skinny Bold
  12. Earwig Factory
  13. Hanging Letters
  14. fox in the snow
  15. impact label reverse

Soooo.. I know it’s quite a lot 🙂 but i liked my planner using these fonts 🙂 but if you don’t want to that’s fine too but the lay-out kinda messes up a bit so i’m recommending for you to download and install these font’s first 🙂

here’s a peek —->>>>a


Here’s my planner so far. I will still be putting some inserts and stickers sometime soon 🙂


And the planner printable is here 🙂

So if you’re doing this, Please do tag me using #Ddreamerfreeplanner. I would love to see your recreations 🙂 Do follow me on Instagram and Crafty Amino 🙂


Quick Craft: Bookmarks :)

Even though most people use ebooks and epubs nowadays, i prefer reading a real book. Yep! With pages i can feel my fingers with. 🙂 hehe so here’s a very easy quick craft for all the bookworms, crafting enthusiasts, and creative weirdos just like me 🙂 

Materials needed ⬆

Cut! ✂ 

Glue the cut outs to the sticks and Volt in! Jk! Lol ✌

And you’re done 🙂 keep it or gift it.

Xoxo ❤

DIY: How to make boring flip flops into a fun one!

So hey there 🙂 Been MIA for a few months and now I’m back and ecstatic! Soooooo many DIYs are coming your way 🙂 And I’m finally starting to write about my mini adventures too 🙂 I did a mini makeover of my room and almost all of it are DIYs that I’m so excited to share. But for now, i’m giving you this uber easy diy / idea which will help you to be kinda summer-ready 🙂

When my friends visited me here in Davao, we went to an island where i had to buy slippers because I forgot to bring one. And because I’m cheap, i opted for those bland , lonely-looking ones. 🙂

11068111_10204314263233602_939609000_o 11235156_10204314119830017_223022599_o

and since I had a little time to spare, I decided to give it life. HAHA

so all you need are:




masking tape / scotch tape


i used craft paints such as these. They’re acrylics. 🙂

i used tapes for this  —>>>>   11255612_10204314139790516_1958303328_o

the best thing about this is you can choose any color you want and choose the designs you’d prefer and because i’m kinda lazy , i stuck with simple designs. hohoho ^_^

11235223_10204314261833567_505495602_o 11235256_10204314257833467_1970026845_o 11262990_10204314258273478_73305098_o 11267464_10204317913764863_115349979_n

have fun! ^_^

xoxo ♥

DIY Pillow Case : Arrows and Doilies


Hello, my friends!

How are you today? I hope you’re doing good. Much to my dismay, I should have posted this weeks ago yet I never  came around to doing it. 🙂


  • fabric paint/ textile paint
  • paper doily
  • masking tape
  • brush
  • scissors
  • cardboard
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • pillowcases / fabric ( well, I had to sew new ones from scratch)

oooooookkkkaaaayyyy.. 🙂


I tried fitting the pillow cases first to look where I’d like to print my design


I used the paper doilies as stencil. Paper Doilies are more convenient and practical since it’s cheaper and you can just throw it away after use.


managed it with minimal blotting! HURRAH!

then we come to the arrows:


you just need to stencil using your pencil and ruler or you can print something form the computer and make a stencil out of it. I pretty much used some free hand here.


The masking tape will help you paint within the lines you have drawn. The process is kinda mundane but I just have to suck it up and finish it haha.

so here it is, lines still a wee bit crooked, pretty much screwed it haha but you’ll get it.


P.S. Put newspapers or plastic underneath it to protect your floors. TRUST ME ON THIS! I got into a little accident and tripped into the paint and it “graced” my floor with it’s royal stubborness. HAHA Took me forever to brush the paint off.

AND ALSO, put a cardboard inside the pillowcases while painting so that the paint won’t go through the other side. ^_^

Have fun!