A not so perfect scheme

Then again i broke my promise

I write, i cry, i reminisce

Must’ve felt good for you,eh?

Playing me day by day
Oh yes i knew but i kept my eyes closed

Like drugged, i was dosed

Oh dear, I kept my mouth shut

You were murmuring of things that were not
I knew, i knew, oh silly girl was i

I hoped and hoped on a lie

Of the things you said, which were true?

Because I really haven’t got a clue
But i stayed and kept still

I tried to lie and denied what I feel

I stood idly by from far away

Hoping this time, you look my way
Oh boy what a mess this has been

I tried to have played this little scheme

Seems like  i never had the ball

It just wasn’t perfect after all

P.S. if you read this, that means you’re still stalking me. Why do you even?