So 3rd day! My day, in great detail 🙂 

Woke up at 6:20 am, i made my bed, fed my nieces and nephew, bathe them and hailed a cab to go to church. 

At church, i sat at my table and bought the kids siomai. Haha they love it. Then i tried feeding them again because “aunt duties” haha then we played sims4 for a bit and went to mass. After, my mom, me, the kids, and a friend got lunch at Mcdonalds. Then, I dropped my nephew and niece at their house then we went to the mall to buy textiles for uniforms. Went to another mall for said textile because we couldn’t find one we like. Got pizza for  snacks then got back to church to get my laptop and finish a few sewing job. Well, one actually because i decided to go home. Pretty exhausted. Bought some fruits on my way home. Prepared dinner, washed the plates, took a bath in half 😜 then prepared the bed. I did my prayer journal and watched Chicago Med. Now im watching Grey’s. And i think that’s about it. This was a long dayyyy. And this challenge is tiring haha. Im kinda bored now. So yeah. 



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