Start of something new?

Lately, I have taken my blog for granted 🙂 but i’ve been away for months before for different reasons such as i have now.

but I’m kinda back… and while i’ve been pinning some journaling ideas in Pinterest. Ive stumbled across a 30-day challenge. It caught my interest and hopefully I can stick to this:) haha (fingers crossed)! haha

first day challenge – Write some basic things about yourself 🙂

here we go ->

I’m in my late twenties. I consider myself fat and i’m not even exaggerating. lol. i have a penchant for crafts. i fancy chocolate like mad. i have asthma and chocolates are not good for me so that’s a bummer. 🙂 haha i go to church . i can sing not excellently but i still do. i can dance. now, i feel like im just boasting haha. i love pizza. pizza is life. i hate worms. seriously who in their right mind loves em? im asian. a proud Filipina. ^_^ well, was all i said considered basic? haha im basically your basic girl 🙂

xoxo ❤


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