The struggle is definitely real

Cant even think of what to say.
Time is a struggle.
And so is money. But that is already a given.
But i cannot just let this opportunity, to write something very important,GO. Or so I guess.

Two of my friends now … Took a life, their own.
Im hoping I will not offend anyone with this. But i think it is important to spread awareness that DEPRESSION KILLS.

One of my closest friends in college died. And just recently, a childhood friend of mine did too. That college friend was my go-to-guy with just anything, a confidante, a clown, an ally, etc. Almost everyday we talk. And I did not even notice something was off. Until now, Im not sure why my friend did it. But Im quite sure I could have done something to make everything better.

That childhood friend was another story. We were not close. But just recently that friend was looking for me and I did not give time. I only spared a little. If only.

My point is : ASK, LISTEN, BE SENSITIVE, and be PATIENT.

I should have. I could have. I would have. 😦

Now, I know better. You should too. I’m really hoping everyone WILL.

This IS poorly written for I am dead tired with too much happenings in my life now. So I’m already apologizing for this, and for future edits.


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