Like the season…

There are times when i get home , tired, exhausted even, i roll over my bed and immediately type a supposed-to-be message  then like a movie …everything pauses. Hahaha because I cannot text him. I am NOT SUPPOSED TO BE TEXTING HIM or even think bout it.

Truth is, the past few months had been mostly about pros and cons. Same arguments. Same doubts. Same battle. In my head, it’s like a chaos of good vs. Evil. Hahaha but lately, something changed. A little bit, i guess. The arguments occur less and less as days pass by. 🙂 nights become less longer than it used to be. I knew this would happen, eventually, and im pretty glad it is starting to happen now. My love for you is slowly getting more like… forgettable. But you can’t unlove someone. Even i know that. But im starting to love you less.

Like the season, everything is changing 🙂


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  1. Nox · February 3, 2016


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