DIY: How to make boring flip flops into a fun one!

So hey there 🙂 Been MIA for a few months and now I’m back and ecstatic! Soooooo many DIYs are coming your way 🙂 And I’m finally starting to write about my mini adventures too 🙂 I did a mini makeover of my room and almost all of it are DIYs that I’m so excited to share. But for now, i’m giving you this uber easy diy / idea which will help you to be kinda summer-ready 🙂

When my friends visited me here in Davao, we went to an island where i had to buy slippers because I forgot to bring one. And because I’m cheap, i opted for those bland , lonely-looking ones. 🙂

11068111_10204314263233602_939609000_o 11235156_10204314119830017_223022599_o

and since I had a little time to spare, I decided to give it life. HAHA

so all you need are:




masking tape / scotch tape


i used craft paints such as these. They’re acrylics. 🙂

i used tapes for this  —>>>>   11255612_10204314139790516_1958303328_o

the best thing about this is you can choose any color you want and choose the designs you’d prefer and because i’m kinda lazy , i stuck with simple designs. hohoho ^_^

11235223_10204314261833567_505495602_o 11235256_10204314257833467_1970026845_o 11262990_10204314258273478_73305098_o 11267464_10204317913764863_115349979_n

have fun! ^_^

xoxo ♥


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