Post valentine gibberish

Just when i thought i love you less
I figured i fell deeper in this mess

Oh boy, what do i have to do?
Seems like i still love you

I held it in for days and days
But slipped in an awful lot of ways

Geez, im an idiot levelled up
Couldn’t you just please tell me to stop

I know, i know. bask in it if you want
This is not some lovesick stunt

Im tired, im exhausted, i hate feeling blue
I hate that my heart still belongs to you

I hate that i have to be the only one getting grey
That you dont seem to mean the things you say

I know you are a bigger mess than i am
You are definitely NOT part of my plan

THREE years, maybe it’s not that long
But deep inside i know something’s wrong

Maybe it’s my heart telling me “you knew”
That a boy like you wont love me true.


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