Dear Awesome Sauce.

dear self.

i know. i hate my rants too.

but you, you will not be forever scorned.

do know that this too shall pass.

you’ve been through these before

broken and torn

you may think this is unlike any other

but you will be wrong

because days will pass

and you’ll find yourself a wee bit stronger

oh no. it won’t be easy

you won’t  exactly know when

but when i tell you, believe me

there’ll be other men

as awesome as you already are

you’ll be more amazing

because you’ll learn from this

and by then you will be living

yes, now it may hurt like hell

it sucks and maybe it’s unfair

someday, like you did before

you won’t even be aware

that you’ve been okay

that you are okay

and then you’ll know

you will be okay, okay?


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