Guia’s little corner

so hey.. i have been pretty crazy busy lately. that is why i have been MIA for the past two months. my brother arrived home then my father also. they are both OFWs. pretty much a hectic schedule i have gotten into because my brother and the love of his life decided to marry and i volunteered to help. hurray for me haha. 🙂

anyway .. just because i need to post something. i thought of sharing my niece’s own little room …err corner.. i suppose.. since it has no doors. we figured that on her age she shouldn’t have doors and besides our house is pretty small. just so you know. this is not bragging or any of that stuff. i consider our family a little below average class. since we still can buy stuff. although on a limited basis, i try to work my way through the minimum budget of organizing and decorating our home .

white bond paper for her walls since we are allergic to paint smell

mug holder turned necklace holder and that photo string i diy-ed before

her mini collection of glasses

this fab photo in the frame i printed from the internet

her bed side table with chalkboard stickers , fake flowers, her diary, and her tablet

her view .. haha which is a roof from our neighbor’s house


this duvet which is really really soft and she loves it to bits. we got this from a bargain.


her remaining collection of unbroken headbands haha


this map on her ceiling because we like to look at places while lying on her bed


a lil reminder for her to have a great day.. ALWAYS haha


her Royal G-ness 🙂



and yep… this is her having tons of fun reading 🙂

DSCN0746 DSCN0747

DSCN0748 DSCN0749


xoxo ♥


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