DIY : Hanging Memo Board


This is a spur of the moment diy..and i better post this now before i forget. Haha ive been meaning to make a diy calendar for my very busy friend who seems to always forget her schedules 🙂 yet i am never good with dates and lines that’s why i made a memo board from our hanger , scrap illustration boards, recycled folders, and scrapbook papers. 🙂

This is very easy..all you need is a lil bit of imagination , a scissor and glue! And your all set. I will not be making step by step guides since everything i did was random, so i dare you to be random as well. 🙂

But here are some points of idea you might want to be inspired from 🙂


Yes..i spray painted it friend hates pink..i just really want to tease her..haha


I also made this hello tag and tried my hands at writing creatively..mehehe


Mini buntings from scrapbook papers


Little corner for anything goes with cute memo post its to use ^_^


As you may know chalkboard paint or stickers are very expensive here in the Philippines so i opted for the black part..errr side of the illustration board and dusted it with a little bit of chalk before writing on it.

I have not given it to her yet.. but i hope she likes it 🙂

Dimpleddreamer 🙂


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