Favorite Summer Fonts!

Hey ya, loves! Today, I wanna share my favorite fonts for summer this year 🙂

Living in a tropical country such as ours, it feels like it is summer always. ha-ha..So, thinking that we have already started summer for the past few weeks, I would really really love to share these fonts 😉 And just because I want  everything personalized, I named them for me. haha but credits to the original authors are acknowledged as I will give the links down below where you can download it 🙂 ^_^ have fun using this fonts in everything…and I mean.. EVERY THING 🙂


sweet cheeks | cupcake

gummy bears | billo dream

sunshine | cutie patootie

lovelies | i love what you do

spring flowers | posey blossom

candy pop | tonight’s the night

heart candies | candy heart

kissmelts | square curves

sun-kissed | xiomara



^_^ that’s about it 🙂 thankeeeee ♥♥♥


don’t forget to follow for more. and if you have requests i can make another collection.



dimpleddreamer ♥


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