UPCYCLING big ol’ polo shirts to skirts ^_^


So. here’s another DIY I was so eager to work into. Since when we go to church on Sundays I prefer to wear skirts instead of pants/trousers, I wanted to have quite a few items I can wear differently every week. 

This is not a blow by blow tutorial because I really am still a beginner in sewing and I do not know how to make patterns and stuff. I know you have seen a lot of this on Pinterest , and I have too, it’s where I got this idea actually 🙂 And I wanted to try it for myself. I’ve been looking for easy tutorials but I just didn’t get it. I think my brain’s lacking of sweets..hahaha 

Enough of the babbling.




Excuse my face but it’s how I always look when I’m staying at home. ^_^ 


I am no good in measurements that’s why I took a dress I know fits me well. ( O_o ooohhh I’m getting wider)

Anyways, I marked it which actually was in no use because i cannot see the markings that’s why I used pins to pin the dress to my old shirt and used it as my pattern. pretty clever of me hahaha




then I cut it, still putting in mind that I have to leave some seam allowance.

my seams aren’t aligned really but I’m just easy to please. Haha and for someone who took no training at all I guess I did uhm like passable but still I’ll try my best to be better again next time . But for the mean time, Hello New Skirt! : )






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