DIY Smudgy dreamer Pillow : a craft fail (just a wee-bit)


Hello there! 🙂 

This is my first attempt in sewing a pillow and using a screen for printing. So, just a little bit of a disclaimer ; this tutorial is not sponsored in any way. And I am not a dressmaker so i do not know the correct terms in sewing 🙂 But I hope you’ll have fun reading this tutorial.

These are the materials needed :


1. a cloth (depending on the size you want)

2. a pair of scissors

3. a chalk for marking the cloth

4. pins

5. thread

6. a zipper

7. screen 

8. squeegee 

9. textile paint

10. brush


^_^ let’s get started


First off, measure your pillow and mark your cloth like shown above. Then cut it making sure you leave a bit of space for the hem.


Then mark where you want your zipper to be. Actually. I don’t know what I was thinking why I decided  to put the zipper there. I should’ve put it at the bottom.

Anyways. I sewed the zipper first. Then the rest of the sides of the pillow case. 


You must have noticed how the stitch is not that aligned. Sorry haha I got nervous sewing it through the sewing machine. And I used a neon orange thread because I was feeling that neon vibe. 🙂 

SO after sewing all the sides and making sure every stitch is fine I measured my pillow in it  if it actually fits and here’s how it looked.


haha hurrah!! so off to the failing part 🙂 


yeah, it was supposed to look like that but when I started printing , I think I put too much of the paint and it ended up bleeding all around. That’s why I took my handy-dandy brush to smudge it all over. Instead of feeling like a failure I tried to fix it. Yay for me. Image


and now, it looked like this. 🙂 Maybe next time I’ll get it right ^_^ because there’s always a first time 🙂 





dimpleddreamer ♥




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