Buntings are FUNTHINGS!


Hey! I mean how cheesy can my title get? Hahaha

anywayssss… i have to share to you this very easy diy which can be done under 15 minutes.. 🙂

I did a pretty lil buntings for my niece’s play corner 🙂

The materials you need would be paper. Yep im saying paper cause you can use any kind of paper..you can even use old news papers. In this craft, i used pink and yellow as my color pallet for the entire look. 🙂

And you also need some scissors, glue, a string / yarn, ruler , and pencils for marking.

I’m no good in measuring and I forgot to take photos doing so … so sorry for that.. but cut triangles in any size  you like 🙂 


See there’s a tiny flap for folding. It will come handy as shown here …


Continue to glue the papers in the string having an inch of space between each paper.

And that’s about it ^_^

Dimpleddreamer ^_^


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