DIY Sketchbook!

Hi there. ^_^

Recently, my 6-year-old niece, Guia Quorinh has been really inclined into drawing and unfortunately she’s been drawing onto everything! Especially, on her pad paper which she should be using for her school quizzes. So, what would a crafty aunt do? Make her her own sketchbook. 🙂

Let’s get it on!

I’ll try to be as accurate as I can be in showing you how I did it ♥♥

Now, let’s really get started.


You will need:

  1. a pair of scissors
  2. ruler
  3. pencil
  4. a glue
  5. cardboard
  6. and something you’d like to decorate it with (I’m using cheap gift wrapping papers from a local store)
  7. and of course an INSPIRATION who, in my case, is my curly babe ^_^


Next up – cut , cut and cut ^_^

You can cut it any size you like. I cut it half of a legal size bond paper and i just made the cardboard a little bit bigger or wider than the papers. Then, I glued the papers (making sure they’re all aligned) onto the cardboard. 🙂 I also used some office clamps/clips (or whatever they are called) to hold them in place while i’m letting’em dry.

While letting ’em dry…..


I thought of making something to hold her crayons. This is a box from a soap packaging (duh, obvious much? haha).

I cut it in half and attached it together, making it half it’s original size 🙂

You can take a better look in here 🙂


yeah, go crazy decorating how you like it 🙂

(I think i skipped .. hahaha after it dried, (even though not completely) try decorating it carefully making sure the papers are still in place.) I also glued the box (remember that box soap) now full with crayons onto the cardboard.

this is how mine turned out….


and yep, she started doodling in it as soon as i finished making it. ^_^

and it was all worth it! the sparkle of joy you see in a child’s eye and the kisses and tight hugs you get afterwards! SUPERB!!!




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