Gettin’ Crafty for the L♥VE Month!

So, as I was scrolling and browsing through Youtube , I came across a tutorial in doing your own cardboard block letters. And with that, I made my own because I roll like that – haha! and because Valentine’s is just around the corner, I immediately gathered some scrap cardboards. You can use boxes from cereal boxes, cake packaging, and folders.

I also used construction paper and some patterns I printed from the computer. You can also use gift wrapping paper, or anything you like to cover it with. 🙂 Just note that you have to use lighter materials so that your letters can hold it’s weight. ^_^ I haven’t taken pictures while making it but don’t you worry, child (yeah I’m singin’ it haha♥) I’m providing a link of the tutorial I got it from. It’s from ThatTeenLifexo. This girl makes lots of cool stuff. You can check her out and maybe subscribe :0 nope she’s not paying me .. hahaha

DIY: 2 Easy Room Decor Ideas  <<<<<<<<< ♥♥♥ Click that 

so here’s the finish product..

I used mint and pink because I want to use it even after Valentine’s Day ! Have fun making your own derivations 🙂

xoxo ♥



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