WASHI L♥VE!!!! (Quick Craft!)

I’ve been very busy lately with some house stuffs, some cooking and just trying to finish up everything. 🙂 

While window shopping in one of the stores I really love, I’ve come across some must-haves! (and though the title pretty much gives it away) WASHI TAPES! hahaha they come in cheap, some are in bundles for fifty pesos only but you could also buy it individually. I only bought one since I’m still not sure I should buy a lot given that I have scarce budget.. HAHA! 

I almost totally forgot I have it . Good thing I decided to clean my room. So after piles and piles of clutter I came across it again (it’s like a mini reunion!lol) and since I was cleaning and reorganizing my stuffs again, I decided to do a quick craft. 🙂


 This is nothing fancy, it’s just very easy and very simple. But I love it ^_^ 

Soooooooooo.. I have this very boring ceiling fan in my room which needs a little flare for my better liking 🙂

After cleaning the said item, I detached it from it’s hook and started sticking washi tapes on its blades. I chose simple stuff but you could go crazy if you want. 

So here it is..




That’s about it. Quick. Easy. Simple.

And by the way, when your sticking your washi tapes or any decorative adhesives you prefer on the blades, make sure you stick from the center towards the outsides of the tapes to avoid lumps. 


have fun! 



dimpleddreamer ♥



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