love turned sour

hey ya.. im back! 🙂 blabber- that’s what i do…excuse my blabbering but just the same.. i wrote a new song! HURRAH! hahahaha

when i wrote this, i don’t know what i was feeling because right now my mind is just filled with A fine frenzy’s near to you song.. hahaha it’s like all the thoughts i’ve put on this song has been huddled under those thoughts. hahaha so..yeah.. um… here it goes

i’ve struggled to rise

it’s hard to face the lies

but blue are the skies

telling my untold demise

baby, what now?

do you even remember me somehow?

promises are broken

memories quite stolen

cause our love turned sour

the wind blows away

all the whispers that should’ve stayed

yet truth shines like ray

and i suppose everything turned okay

i said goodbye

you said goodnight, sleep tight

but baby just turn and walk away

because i’m no longer here to play



that’s about it.. now i remember why i wrote that.. the same reason why i wrote my past posts which are more inclined to melancholy.. hahaha

moving on.. and striving to move on is really quite a struggle.. as it is, it’s even harder when you see him/ her happy with someone else.. 🙂

but nonetheless, it’s always “baby steps”…  and i think im quite ready to take bigger ones now.. 🙂


dimpleddreamer ♥


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