The little flower girl

I’ve blogged about making a no-sew tutu a while back… and i used it to enhance a gown for my niece she wore on this wedding. 🙂

I also added a statement necklace to go with the dress. 🙂 Image

I made this with buttons and earings with no pair.. and yeah, felt fabric.. 🙂

The wedding is really simple… much about anything else.. ^_^

I was glad to hear a Canon D played when the bride started walking towards the altar.

So here are the pics of this very fine day.. 🙂 Image

my pretty little belle waiting for the ceremony to start.. ^_^


hahaha… a child is a child, she wanders wide-eyed ♥

and poses for the camera , too :p


yes, she’s never camera shy. she loves it :p


oh that’s me with her… doin’ a snapshot after the ceremony.


and then there’s them.. hahaha with the bride and the groom 🙂 and that’s my mom wearing a floral dress…

🙂 xoxo

dimpleddreamer ♥


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