NO-SEW tutu

Last Wednesday, my mom’s workmate invited us to his wedding. He also asked if we would let my niece to be his flower girl. 🙂 We totally agreed to it since he seldom asks favors and he is such a nice man whom helps us to build things. By the way, he is a carpenter.

SO yeah, back to the topic (haha excuse my blabbering. I am just soooo excited )

Given it’s just a simple wedding, he said my niece could wear anything she wants.. ^_^

And just like that, it felt like a light bulb has actually popped above my head. 🙂

I finally had a reason to make a tutu 🙂 Another of my mom’s workmate offered her daughter’s gown. It’s a li’l bit outdated so I have to make some adjustments , too. 

The next day.. I immediately started on my no-sew tutu project. (YAAAAAYY!!!)

Usually, you make a tutu out from a tulle. 🙂 But I have none on hand. I remembered we still have the mosquito net lying around somewhere in the house. Yes, I went on a rampage searching for that long-lost mosquito net.. :p I found it under a pile of linens. 🙂 

I cut it … Oh no.. i didn’t measure.. I seem to lack the patience for it. 



1. cut it in strips.. 

2. tie the ends so you could hold ’em better

3. i used this pink dye which only costs Php 4 per sachet . It is cheap and easy to use. Prepare a small basin half-full of lukewarm water. Dissolve all the contents of two sachets in a cup of hot water. Stir. Then, pour into the basin.

4. Soak the fabric first in running water before putting it into the dye bath. Let it sit for a few minutes depending on the shade you want.. if you want darker, let it soak for a longer time. 



After drying the fabric, you could start tying it to a ribbon or a garter. I used a gold elastic ribbon from a gift box I received last Christmas. Continue to tie all around it ^_^

And… WE’RE DONE!!! ♥♥♥ hurraH!! 


And no.. I can’t sew it on the dress because it’s just loaned.. 🙂 SO the elastic band came handy.. 🙂 The dress looked cuter now ^_^ 





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