YOU and ME (could never be)

YOU and ME (could never be)

like any other broken-hearted girl there was and there is.. haha i tried (again) to write a song… (oh, click the title above :p )

excuse me for the poor sound…(the voice and all) there’s nothing much i could do…lol

this is another song i wrote for the very legendary unrequited love everyone is talking about. yeah, i am one of them. good thing is when i feel hurt i think my songs are better than the ones i made when i was happy… (kinda weird though but true)…

made this weeks ago… please bear with my music but it’s one of the things i am very passionate about. ♥ hoho and here are the lyrics of it… ^_^


i said goodbye once or twice or maybe thrice…
but all the lies you said to me
made me realize
it’s not worth the wait, the tears and years it take
to mend the broken pieces of my heart

but baby dont you see
ive waited for you so endlessly
loved you so blindly
wished something that could never be
could never be, could never be, could never be
it could never be, never be you….and me

and all the days and nights i learned not to care
life and love is not really fair
i tried to stay awake and thought
that it’s too late
to even think that I could forget (repeat chorus chos!)

so baby try watch me
im standing up and leaving
i got no room for you anymore
this is goodbye, no turning back, just watch me go
there will never be you and me…


and there you have it… 🙂 hope you enjoyed! the lyrics (i mean)



dimpleddreamer ♥


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