Unleashing that Inner Designer (wanna-be) in me :p

I always wanted to take Fine Arts Major in Interior Designing as a course in college. But I didn’t. Financially, we just won’t be able to. However, it didn’t stop me from still wanting to design.

One day, I was bored to death browsing randomly in the net when I came across this wonderful app in Google Chrome Web Store. 🙂

It’s called the Planner5d!!! HURRAAAAAYYYY!!! Finally, an app where I can create my own floor plans and design my dream house. Although, some of the designs are kinda limited, I still had fun creating my first dream-house (because I plan to make more, floor plans, that is).

here is the link to the site >>>> https://planner5d.com/app-chrome/

(kindly copy and paste the link above because I do not know how to attach a link YET!! I promise I’ll try to learn how :p)



and here’s a screenshot of my first project!!! Image

I sure hope you’ll have as much fun as I had and will have ^_^

Mabuhay!!!! ♥

dimpleddreamer :3


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