you’ll never know how much progress you have achieved until one reminds you..

that aching and numbing feeling striking through your bones relentlessly

or that unwavering gnawing pain that rips your soul off from your body

or that slap of reality that leaves your face marked with bruises of the past…

*sigh…’s all i do…

i try to close my eyes and think not of what happened…

to (enumeration ..behold) :

  • dissect every line he said to you
  • to justify every word he said that has broken your heart into pieces
  • to justify yourself for being too eager to hold on
  • to not feel guilty for trusting
  • to not feel shameful for remembering everything..even if you do not want to
  • to act as if you are okay even if you are definitely not
  • to silently pray that everything should have went differently
  • just not this.. :c definitely not this.

*sigh…. again…

I’ve rummaged through every Internet site i could find just to look for self-help guides about moving on…i’ve tried those…i think it helped..with the help of friends too…

thing is..when can you finally say it’s ok?


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