DIY Room upgrades…decoupage!!!

I have been an avid diy-er ever since I remember. But this will be my first time to write a blog about something I made. 🙂

This will be one of the many tutorials you may have encountered in the internet on a bunch of “how-to’s”. But just the same, I hope you stumble upon my blog and I really hope this will help you.

I am decoupaging my bedroom walls, a tiny chair, and my light switch frame  🙂

So, here are the things you need… ^_^

a glue stick (I tried looking for a mod podge but I can’t find any, so I tried using glue sticks and it works. But it wont look glossy)



and a few scrap-booking papers (You could also use gift wrappers, if you like ♥)Image

There are no exact measurements needed for you to cut your scrap-booking papers. Just get your creative juices flowing and everything will follow. I used different kind of papers to achieve the look i wanted. I’m also using National Book Store’s Basics Glue Stick. I have used it on a lot of projects lately and I’m really happy with the results because weeks passed, and the paper stuck strong :p

Here are the pictures of the finished products (sorry for the crappy pics :p)



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