When your hopes came tumbling down, crushed into the ground… and all your dreams came flushing out the drain, and when all you thought was true was just a lie, there is one powerful thing left to do. BELIEVE! !! You got to believe that there is tomorrow, and comes with it is an unlimited array of hope. Believe that you can dream another dream, a new one. And believe that in every lie, there is always a truth behind.

So here it is..a little something (again) to remind myself that belief is one heck of a strength no one can take away from me.

Dark nights
Brighter days
Some fights
Make bitter ways

Twinkling stars
Darker skies
Wanderin’ hearts
Meet truthful lies

Sweetened clouds
Turned sour
Words are foul
Need not scour

Different one
Different leaf
What is there if not belief?




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