Korean influence

I was in the middle of watching a Korean-Drama Series [which is one of my official inclinations] when i decided i wanted to write something about love [yet again] :}

I admit i wanted to have a movie-like love story of my own, or like the ones i read on paperbacks. what came a shock to me was the realization of wanting to have a love-story, and not caring if is it is something toe-curling, or something like a butterfly indigestion of some sort, –  ONLY with him? but why him? why is it still him?

I know right? it sucks.

if not for you , hell, for me. :[

Having been able to walk-away from something so important and special have sucked all my strength. It’s just that there was a scene where someone told a third person [a girl] this : “When a couple hold hands, one of their hands holds the other, sometimes both of their hands hold the other’s, but when the other  one let goes, it can’t be called holding hands anymore.” Meaning, you have to walk your own way , alone.. pfffttttt..


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