Me & Books

I love reading.. as much as watching movies. and reading more of it was on my list for this year.. so far.. here are the titles i’ve read.. 🙂

and they’re actually all good.. 🙂


1. A good boy is hard to find – Suzzane Young

2. A walk in the Park – Jill Mansen

3. Anywhere but here – Jenny Gardiner

4. I put a spell on you – Adam Selzer

5. More –

6. Putting boys on a ledge – Stephanie Rowe

7. Smart Boys and Fast Girls – Stephanie Rowe

8. Remember me – Sophie Kinsella

9. Summer days – Susan Mallery

10. Take a chance on Me – Jill Mansen

11. Welcome Caller, this is Chloe – Shelley Coriell

12. What I didn’t say – Keary Taylor

13. Chocolate Run – Dorothy Koomson

14. Sizzling – Susan Mallery

15. Old School Ties – Kate Harrison


So far.. these are the books that I’ve read.. and some fifty titles I swapped last month. It’s all from PHR. and…got my own titles too.. but I don’t exactly recall all of ’em because they got messed up with the old ones that i already have. 🙂


P.S. most of the ones listed above are ebooks.. 🙂 thank God for Mobile9.. :)))))


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