welcome, self!

i welcome myself to the world of blogging. 🙂

i will  do a lot of smileys.. 🙂 haha but first, i would like to ask for pardon because i took the liberty of not using capital letters on my blog, except when i want to EMPHASIZE something.. ;p

so this is it.. a lot has been going lately.. friendly quarrels, love problems (that i’m sure i’ll get by), and the most common of all, finances.

but  none the less, as positive as i’d like to be.. i welcome each day with a huge smile, tryin’ with all my might for my dimples to show.. 🙂

i ain’t no expert on grammar and writing/ blogging rules and regulations (if ever there is, i will try to search for it) ; )

P.S. i have to publish my first post (yah it’s way too short but i’ll have to blog later), my mom’s calling and i need to run some errands but i’ll be back, i’m sure ^_^


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